Saturday, February 25, 2006

Gay & Lesbian Servicemembers for Equality

The Following message came to me through one of my friends, and thought I could help get the word out to GLBT Service Members, as an ally... David

Forwarded on behalf of Gay & Lesbian Servicemembers for Equality: GLSME
A Resource for those who Serve

I am proud to announce the re-launch of the Gay and LesbianServicemembers for Equality (GLSME) website. The GLSME website,, is a resource for active duty LGBT servicemembers, their partners, straight allies, and families. We offer a safe networkof support, a forum in which to discuss and share ideas, news andinformation on LGBT military issues, and people to contact ifindividuals have specific concerns or need assistance.

Of note is the GLSME Forum, where the LGBT military community canjoin a discussion about current issues, chat with others who are goingthrough similar experiences, and find some friends. Visitors can stayinformed on LGBT military community topics on our News and Statisticspage, where we provide current press releases and graphic representations on the effects of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy.

We are also featuring a Links and References page, highlighting otherorganizations and the resources they can offer to the LGBT military community. From legal advice to personal counseling, these organizations are here to help. Many these organizations' staffmembers were active duty servicemembers at one point, so they understand the challenges inherent in serving and the need for confidentiality.

On the GLSME blog you can follow projects like the Call to Duty Tour, a unique effort by young gay veterans to educate the public and more conservative audiences about Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and debate the merits of the policy through a seven weekcollege speaking tour at over 20 universities. Please inform your friends and coworkers about this site, and also forward it on to anyone in the LGBT military community that would benefit from it. Working together to make life better for active duty LGBT servicemembers is what we're all about.


Patrick English
President, Gay and Lesbian Servicemembers for Equality

Note: The GLSME is in no way politically affiliated nor does it lobby or advocate for repeal of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell law. Discussion on this matter, however, is highly encouraged. The GLSME fully supports any effort to make life better for LGBT servicemembers.This is also not a dating or personals site. Vulgarity, crude language, and sexual propositioning will not be tolerated.

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