Friday, June 30, 2006

The War Tapes

UUMil Blogger and retired MCPOCG Vince writes to UUA President Bill Sinkford:

...the reason for my email is to bring your attention to a very interesting documentary that has just been released about our U.S. troops serving in Iraq. The documentary film, "The War Tapes" is the first film about the war in Iraq filmed by the soldiers themselves. It recently won Best International Documentary at the Tribes Film Festival. The soldiers who filmed the documentary are from a New Hampshire Army National Guard unit that was deployed to Iraq in 2004.

The film has received rave reviews from The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, and Mark Bowden, author of 'Black Hawk Down.' I had seen the movie last Thursday when it was screened here in Washington, DC. I think this is a very important and powerful movie that you and as many of your colleagues that are available should see, as it depicts a complete unabashed realistic view of what our troops are dealing with in Iraq. An interesting note here, it doesn't matter what side of the issue on the war you're on - it's presented completely nonpartisaned, with the views, thoughts and opinions from the soldiers themselves who are serving. It also tells a story of how the war has a traumatic and emotional effect on the soldiers, their families and how they deal with their experiences when they return.

I personally invite you to please see this movie which is showing in Boston at the Kendall Square Cinema. On this Friday night (6/30), which is opening night in Boston -Soldier/Camerman Mike Moriarty and his wife Randy, along with Soldier/Camerman Steve Pink and his girlfriend Lindsay Coletti who were all featured in the documentary will be available for an open discussion after the 7pm showing. The 'War Tapes' website provides some additional information on where the discussion will be held.

Check out the movie's website for more information.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Fallen Hero

You may, or may not have heard. On Thursday June 8th a childhood friend of mine was killed in Iraq. Daniel Crabtree was a year younger, and in a grade below mine, however before High School we where in scouts together. I still cannot reconcile the 31 year old hero I see in the news to the 14 year old smiling, up-to-something boy I knew.

My prayers continue to go out to the Crabtree Family, most especially his wife and young daughter.

Until Then, and Always

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Unitarian Universalists in the Military

Unitarian Universalists in the Military
I keep thinking or three things: curriculum, PTSD, and candles. The easiest one tonight; that is candles. Some UU societies light them and in others people would duck under benches at the thought. For those that do light candles in honor or remembrance of, are there any candle makers among us? Would we like to offer a ceremonial model?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Military UU Congregation

Bonnie writes us about the Neighborhood UU Church of Pasadena, CA, spiritual home to a California National Guard private, a recent West Point graduate, "and maybe other active duty and of course lots of vets of various wars...."

Thanks, Bonnie.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

New Blogger from Unitarian Country

Wow, another new blogger. Dwight Gertz is a retired Captain in the Navy Reserve (that's equivalent to an Army or Marine Colonel, for those not in the Naval Service). Dwight is a member of the First Parish in Lincoln, Mass, where he is "currently a deacon—we use old time New England titles."

Welcome, Dwight, we look forward to seeing your posts.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Welcome to New Blogger

Welcome to Randy in Ramstein, our new blogger from Germany. We look forward to seeing his posts.