Sunday, June 18, 2006

Unitarian Universalists in the Military

Unitarian Universalists in the Military
I keep thinking or three things: curriculum, PTSD, and candles. The easiest one tonight; that is candles. Some UU societies light them and in others people would duck under benches at the thought. For those that do light candles in honor or remembrance of, are there any candle makers among us? Would we like to offer a ceremonial model?


LaReinaCobre said...

Is there going to be anything at GA about UUs in the military?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened to the UU Mil Ministry site? I was looking for the essay on UU's and Just War doctrine for a possible lay service.

Greg said...

Sorry, Anonymous, but that site seems to have disappeared. After a quick Google search I found a UU World article from a few years ago. I will forward your comment to Chaplain Kane - perhaps she can help.

UUWorld article:

Greg said...

Oh yes, to answer LaReinaCobre, there will not be a UU Military program at GA 2006. Look for one in 2007.