Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Welcome to New Blogger!

Welcome aboard to Bridget Wilson, who is a major Judge Advocate in the CA State Military Reserve, and a veteran of USAR.

Bridget is also a member of Dignity - a group of LGBT Catholics - who celebrate Mass at First UU in San Diego, so she feels like an honorary UU. She also writes,
I am an attorney who in addition to my civil practice handles military law matters. I am always in the hunt for a Unitarian minister or lay minister who would be willing to do military jail visits. There are two major military confinement facilities in the area. I have some clients who could greatly benefit from UU contact. Some of those are gay, and I periodically hear from Wiccans or other“pagans”. It is difficult to get military authorities to acknowledge clergy from gay or pagan groups, but UU, that is something officially recognized by the armed forces. [Sigh, I once had a brig commander tell me he had no intention of allowing “Satanism’ in his brig. You get the drift.] I am happy to exchange info.
Thanks for joining us, Bridget, and we look forward to seeing your posts!

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David Pyle said...

Welcome Bridget,

Give me a few years to finish seminary and convince the military to let this former Sergeant come back as a UU Military Chaplain, and perhaps I can help with some of those problems...

Have to finish seminary first. But welcome to the Blog...

Yours in Faith,

David Pyle