Thursday, April 06, 2006

Military Religious Freedom Foundation

Hello all!

Yesterday, I was asked by a friend to comment on a thread in another forum regarding the current status of former Air Force Chaplain Melinda Morton, and the status of the U.S. Chaplaincy Corps, from the perspective of a religious liberal ministerial aspirant who hopes to serve as a chaplain.

As I was researching for my commentary, I came across two articles I would like to share with you all. They are a bit long, but I guarantee they are well worth the read.

If you would like to see some commentary on the Chaplain Melinda Morton case, I have a thread on my website that has some news articles and commentary.

Now, the two articles that I would like for you to read are here... they are a two part series...

Article 1

Article 2

They were written by Cara DeGette, and they detail the mission of a former Air Force officer named Mikey Weinstein. Part of that mission is to form an organization known as the Military Religious Freedom Founation.

I have sent a letter to Mikey Weinstein, to let him know about my past and my call to UU Military Chaplaincy, and to ask how I can form a more concrete relationship with the Foundation and how I can help. But that is a personal choice for me, in my path to ministry.

I would ask my fellow Military UU's, especially those who are veterans or are currently serving, to look over these links, and begin seeing how we can aid in their mission and cause.

Yours in Faith,


David Pyle said...

In a quick update, I received an email from Mr. Weinstein, and surprise surprise, both his wife and daughter (also AF Academy grads) are UU's...

I knew Unitarian Universalism would come into this somewhere.

Perhaps we can talk UU world into an article about Mr. Weinstein.

Yours in Faith,


Greg said...

Wow, Mikey and the MRFF have a very swanky website with lots of info and links. I do wonder, however, if there are any UU's on their board?

This reminds me of the UCC's TV ad about diversity (the gay couple turned away from a church). This is a UU issue through and through, and we're missing the boat! Where is the UUA's voice? Oh, it's us...

Good work, David, and I hope you have more luck with UU World than I have (I'm 0 for 2 with them).