Sunday, February 18, 2007

Did You See That?

Have you ordered your UU Military Ministries Gear yet? Mine came in a few days ago.

I got a large coffee mug and a button. I wanted to get more but funds are short as of right now. The coffee mug now proudly rests on my desk at work. Several people have asked about it and expressed delight in finding out its meaning.

The button I wore on my lapel today at church. Proudly displayed above my name tag. I didn't get any questions of comments about it. That may be because my name tag itself holds various items. Blue background representing the fact that I am a board member, a lapel pin in red and gold from The Church of the Larger Fellowship, and an orange ribbon and golden safety pin that represents a promise I keeping for myself this year.

Still, next Sunday, if people do not ask about it I think I might start pointing out. "See my new UUMM button?"

Also check this post out from Cee Jay. She is a fellow congregant of mine, and a good friend. Great advise on how to really, actually, support our troops.

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