Monday, March 12, 2007

Tales of the Tartan Shirt

In an earlier post I mentioned developing religious education materials for use in our societies. These tales, something of a departure from the usual UU military Blog entries, is offered in this spirit. The material is not copyright so you're free to develop it as suits the need.

"Pretty! She called me pretty! I am the official tartan of the United States Marine Corps," declared my plaid shirt.

"I'm sure my mother-in-law meant it as a compliment," I said as soothingly as possible. "

"All of the other shirts in the closet will laugh at me after this," he bellowed.

"They will not. Why that chiffon scarf will forever be in your debt for jumping off your hanger and pulling her back up from behind the cedar chest. And that chambray shirt with the embroidered flowers--I think she'd like to hang next to you. That is, after your bath. I mean wash."

"OK, but hang me out on the line to dry."

"It's below freezing, I said.

"All to the good. I can take it."

This is just a rough sketch of the possibilities that can be used in discussing differences in social roles with children.

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