Sunday, June 24, 2007

General Assembly

OK, for those of you who attended the workshop on UU's in the military, how did it go? Thanks.



UUpdater said...

First and most obvious bad thing was that you could have used a bigger room. All the speakers did a really nice job, and it seemed the audience was particularly receptive.

Marilyn said...

Thanks! I hope we'll be seeing a bit more about what was said: key points with an eye toward publishing a brochure.

UUpdater said...

Yeah, I would not be able to do the workshop justice in trying to recap it. It would be nice if the content, or a fair portion of it were made available online.

In particular there was a mention of a survey regarding UU congregations and individuals, and it would be interesting to see those results posted. The basic gist being that most people seemed to feel they were more accepting of UUs in the military than their congregation. The speaker pointed out that there are many possible explanations, but it boils down to bad PR if congregations are more accepting than they are perceived to be.

Most important would be if they could post their suggestions for our congregations to honor our folks in the military. For every peace sign have a "support our troops" sign as well, links to sending care packages, honoring those who have served on Veterans day or memorial day, etc.

More active online content would be useful.

Marilyn said...

It would be interesting to see the actual survey. Not all surveys are created equal.

Travis said...

The brief is on the conference site. I read it a few weeks back, should still be there.