Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veteran's Day Worship Services

Hello my fellow Military UU's.

Veteran's day this year is on a Sunday, and this is one of those days in which many congregations ask military and veteran UU's to participate in the worship service. I invite any of you who are participating in a service this Sunday to post here how you are participating. Perhaps it is a reading, a poem, a reflection on your own service. Perhaps some of you are preaching full sermons. (In the case of a sermon or long reading, it would be better if you could provide a link.)

Here is a link to the sermon and service that I am presenting this morning at the Unitarian Church of Evanston.

Whether you are participating in a service or not, know you are in my thoughts, and I say, quietly and with reverence... thank you.

Yours in Faith,


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Anonymous said...

I belong to a UU pagan group that has a ceremony on the weekend closest to Veterans Day - we call it the "Steaks for the Lord of the Underworld" ceremony. It involves a "symbel" or ritual toasting of those people who have served, and we share our libations with the earth spirits at the end of the ceremony.

The symbel comes from the Asatru (Nordic paganism) path; my partner Joe is an Asatruar (he walks with Odin) and an Army veteran.

I can go into more detail later...