Friday, February 08, 2008


Then SSgt. Michael Fay at Camp Babylon in 2003
Then GySgt Michael Fay in New Ubaydi, Iraq during Op Steel Curtain, November 2005

Greetings one and all. My name is CWO-2 Michael D. Fay and I'm one of two official combat artists serving the Marines through the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Like the rest of you the word UNITARIAN is pressed into my dogtags. I'm going to assume that we also share something else in common, we are all zebras.

There's a joke floating around out there in the politically incorrect ether where a zebra, upon entering heaven, asks Saint Peter whether he's a white zebra with black stripes, or a black zebra with white stripes. I've been faced with questions, especially in light of the current GWOT, by fellow UUs in particular about whether I'm a Marine or a UU first, and by folks in general whether I am an artist or a warrior first. Being an "either, or" person doesn't sit well with me. My hope is to aspire to being of the "and both" variety. We live in very polarized times and being both a warrior and a UU seems to many a contradiction in terms......sort of like military intelligence and male intuition.

I look forward to posting here and connecting with the UU Military Community. I believe, despite our stripes(and bars)we represent a unique bridging voice during these troubled times.


Marilyn said...

Well, first thing your a person--the kind to take on really tough commitments civic and religious. I think these polarities are artificial and can be overcome with a tough mind set, but then I doubt the validity of the mind/body problem. Good luck out there and be well.

UU Louie said...

Welcome, Michael!
...and well said! Be safe out there and do keep in touch.