Saturday, April 26, 2008

Religious Discrimination in the Military Article


I came across this article in the NY Times Today:

Article Here

Is anyone familiar with this situation?

I haven't personally encountered what I would call serious religious discrimination in my 18 years in the Army & Army Guard. I have seen a couple of cases of soldiers who identified as being Wiccan or Pagan getting some "crap" from people, but it mostly seemed to be the kind of sophomoric hassling a soldier would get for being "different" in any way - not any sort of serious discrimination or inappropriate behavior from their chain of command.

Has anyone here ever run into anything like this before?



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David Pyle said...


On a personal note, I will say that I first became aware of Spc Hall's case almost a year ago, and have traded emails with him on occasion. He was still in Iraq when we first spoke, and I offered him my spiritual support.

I will not, on this open blog, say exactly how I have experienced such religous descrimination, only that I have during my military career. Being a voice for those on the religous margins is a part of my call to the Military Chaplaincy.

I would encourage you to lookinto the Miltiary Religious Freedom Foundation for more on Spc Hall and his case...

Yours in Faith,