Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Problems with UU's in the Military

Hello everyone,

Well, our hosting service did something odd this morning, and completely trashed the customized template that UU's in the Military has had for years. Because of upgrades and changes, I was not able to restore the old template, and had to upgrade the site...

So, we have lost a few elements, such as our blog listing (which we can restore) and our listing of Congregations with UU Military members in them (about which I have questions whether we want to restore).

I think all UU Congregations have Military Affiliated UU's in them, but some dont know it. By keeping such a list, we are implying that only these congregations have military UU's... and that is just not the case.

So, over the next several days I will be changing the template and restoring some of the lost items.

All of our posts are fine, so dont worry about that.

Thanks all!

Yours in Faith,


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