Sunday, February 15, 2009

Is this a "dead blog"

There hasn't been any new posts on here in over six months. Did the military do a purge of all UU's and miss me? Is there a new online forum for military UU's? I've been looking online for a while to see if there is any new activity somewhere but so far nothing.


karyn said...

It's not dead in that there are some of us who still read it, waiting for the next post...which never seems to come.

David Pyle said...

Hello Karyn and Adam,

The UU's in the Military Blog is not dead, but transforming, hopefully in the next week or so.

Let me explain.

At General Assembly this past Summer, a conversation with the leadership of the UUA Church of the Larger Fellowship has lead to an interest by them in entering into a military ministry.

So, UU Military Ministries has been putting its energies in developing with them a new website, one that we are in final stages of approval with the Military Chaplains and the CLF leadership. Once we complete that review process, we will unveil the new website (a part of the CLF website) that will provide much better resources and access than we are able to have on Blogger.

It will combine the UU's in the Military and the UU Military Ministries website, along with the ability to share resources, share stories, and connect directly with serving Chaplains and Chaplain Candidates.

I will announce the new site as soon as I have approval to do so... hopefully in the next few days. Then, we will just be looking at building connection and communities among our Military Affiliated UU's.

Have faith!

Yours in Faith,

David Pyle
1LT, USAR Chaplain Candidate

Adam said...

karyn - I've been in the same boat....checking back a couple times a week, reading old posts, and waiting for someone to post a new one

LT Pyle - I'll be waiting anxiously for the new site. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

How about a UU Veterans ministry??

David Pyle said...


Here is the definition of "military affiliated UU" we are working with for this new site...

A military affiliated UU is someone who identifies as a Unitarian Universalist who is a military servicemember, a military spouse, a military veteran, a military family-member, a Department of Defense employee, a military contractor, or the friend of any of these who wishes to build community with other military affiliated Unitarian Universalists.

So, you can see we have every intent to include ministry with veterans as a deep part of this. In truth, I hope that we can bring all of these groups together to do ministry with one another.

On an update... I have submitted my final revisions to the CLF for approval on the interactive sections of the site. They will review it and hopefully in a week or so we will be able to do a public roll-out.

Yours in faith,


Justin said...

Thank you for the update.

I am very glad to hear that the blog is not dead.


Justin Miller