Friday, August 07, 2009

New Blog by Former Naval Officer and Current UU

Hello everyone who reads this blog. Nearly a year ago, I retired from the Navy. During this time (actually beginning some time before retirement) I have been doing a lot of thinking and studying about what it means to be a UU, what it meant to be a serving officer, and what my beliefs really are. As reflected in a number of writings and addresses I have given to my own Congregation and others, I've come to some surprising (for me) conclusions. I have posted these writings on my own blog. If you are interested, you can find the blog at:

The title of the blog is "Living the Prophetic Imperative" inspired by Rev. Richard Gilbert's book, "The Prophetic Imperative: Social Gospel in Theory and Practice". This book has been a guide for me. Even if you don't read my stuff, I really recommend you read this book, which is available through the UUA.

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