Saturday, May 13, 2006

Chipping Away

As Gregs last post pointed out, people are beginning to listen.

I wanted to share something that happened in my home congregation. The Monday night SGM (small group ministry) group decided that they wanted to do a project together. They chose to support an organization known as "Books for Soldiers".

They enrolled the entire church and where able to gather together over 200 lbs of books, all paperbacks, and the money to have them shipped over seas.

Since my point of view of supporting the military is so well known I kind of stayed out of it unless people would think I was running the program.

I am so proud of my congregation, so proud of the anti-war people who came to me and said "What would you have liked to read while you where away from home?"

The really amazing thing though is how many people right now are talking about how they can support and show our soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines love and respect while continuing to be against the war.

This week.. is a good week for military UUs. I was also asked to share the story about the UU World article during our memorial days service.

Greg is right.. people are listening.. so please keep speaking
Until Then, and Always

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