Saturday, May 13, 2006

Of Course, There is Still Work to Do

FUUSE had this article posted on their site today.. of course there is no mention of Youth and Young Adults who may actually want to join the military.

A tolerant community, we all hope, would be one that is tolerant of all people not just those with which we agree. Of course there are lines we cannot accept being crossed, and for some people the military is over that line.

Can I just say to any Youth or Young Adults who are considering the military and come across this entry that I would honor and respect your choice, and continue to welcome you into the UU faith with open arms.

Until Then, and Always


Bill Baar said...
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Bill Baar said...

A teen lectured me at Church once. Her brother had entered the Coast Guard Academy. She was expecting criticism from me over it. I think she expected that from any adult at Church.

She gave me a preemtive patriotic lecture. I thought it was funny how the generations attitudes towards the Military had changed from what I rememberd in the 1960s.