Thursday, July 27, 2006

Learning From The Military

I have in hand Dr. Shannon E. French's paper "The Warriors Code," brought to public attention by AP reporter Robert Tanner's story "US troops taught 'warrior ethics' to fight in Iraq" and run in newspapers all over the nation. Professor French of the Naval Academy discusses ethics and the nature of armed force. These are the kinds of discussions we UU's pride ourselves on relishing. "The Warrior's Code" is online at along with other stimulating articles.

We can also learn from the best examples of how military families take care of one another. As a blog group, we're well on the way to establishing a network: there is the list of churches. The next step is to find contact people in the churches, fellowships, and societies. Let's find out what people need that we can give.


David Pyle said...


I think you are right... and I have been giving some thought to this.

Our biggest problem that I see right now is communication. I have yet to visit any UU church where I did not find several veterans or veteran spouses who would be willing to get involved in a UU Military organization, if one only existed...

I have been giving thought about how to contact all of these UU Military members, veterans, spouses, and defense employees out there... and I have a few early ideas.

One is to contact the UUA, and see what we could do to have a one page flyer with contact information on it to be sent out wiht a monthly UUA Congregational Mailing. Another might be to see how much it would cost to advertise in UU World.

I plan to make this work a priority as soon as my Hospital Chaplaincy Internship is done in late August.... so if you all have any thoughts on finding ways to continue to build the network of military affiliated UU's, I'm all ears!


Lou Portella said...

I'm new at all this, so forgive me if I stumble a bit....

I'm stationed on limited duty in Norfolk, VA, bleong to the Unitarian Church of Norfolk, and am starting-up a UU support group. I just sent-off my first chruch bulletin announcement about getting the group going.

Needless to say, I'm excited!

Marilyn said...


Welcome to the blog and I hope the support group is going well. When I first started, I when through the archives a bit at a time. That helped me.