Monday, August 21, 2006

Welcome to a New UUMil Blogger!

Hello All!

I want to extend a warm welcome to our newest UU Mil blogger, Chaplain Rebekah Montgomery. As someone who aspires to UU Military Chaplaincy, I am excited to have her here with us, all the way from Afganistan!

Here is a little info about herself that she sent me...

Name: Rev. Rebekah A. Montgomery, nee Savage Military affiliation: US Army
Congregation: Deployed!

I am a born and raised UU from River Road Unitarian Church in Bethesda, MD. I graduated from Union Theological Seminary in 1999 and was ordained a UU minister is 2002. I came into the military in 2003. Now I am deployed in Kabul, Afghanistan - and have been here for 15 months, only a few more to go. I am aware of only one, maybe two, other UU chaplains in the Army... but it remains the best calling in the world. I am honored to serve soldiers.

Perhaps she will introduce herself soon, although we understand that, being deployed in Afganistan, her time is best spent with her soldiers. And for that, I for one thank her.

Yours in Faith,



Jamie Goodwin said...

Welcome Rebekah, and thank you for your service!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blog and thank you for being there.

Bill Baar said...

Thanks very much for what you're doing over there.

Greg said...

Welocome aboard - keep your head down and your spirits up!