Friday, May 25, 2007

My Turn

Greetings all!

Well my turn has finally arrived - I've been notified that I am being activated and will be deploying to Iraq this summer with my unit's sister battalion as a "filler" (along with several other soldiers from my company). The timing is a bit lousy, as I was notified of the deployment just after starting the police academy, but I suppose the call of duty waits for no-one. I would love to be able to keep you all updated here on my deployment, but with the new blogging restrictions in place I'm not sure that will be possible (hopefully I'm not violating the policy as we speak).



Jeff W. said...

I wonder if it would be possible to occasionally send a blog update to someone state-side and ask them to post it for you. I don't know if that would circumvent the restrictions. Best of luck to you in your deployment, may you be safe.

Marilyn said...

Good luck, Adrian!

Adrian Gunn said...


What I've decided to do is to set up a private Google Group (e-mail list) and invite all of my friends and family to it. I'll e-mail weekly updates on how things are going to the Group. I'm assuming that it won't count as "blogging" since it's a) not a blog and b) not visible to the general public, only to trusted friends and family that I have invited to join. We'll see what happens!


Adrian Gunn said...

Just wanted to write in and say that my Church, the United First Parish Church - Unitarian (UFPC)of Quincy, MA gave me a wonderful send off this past Sunday. The level of support offered to my wife and I was absolutely amazing, and it gives me enormous comfort to know that while I'm gone my wife will have so many wonderful friends looking out for her. The congregation even pitched in and bought me a silver "dogtag" engraved with their best wishes, a bunch of international pre-paid calling cards and a Garmin GPS (with Iraq area maps loaded)!

On top of everything else it was an emotional day for our congregation because that Friday, our legislature voted to NOT put a referendum to amend the state constitution to ban same sex marriage onto the ballot for 2008, pretty much ensuring that marriage equality will remain the law of the land in Massachusetts. The UFPC has been a significant player in the fight for marriage equality in Massachusetts, and it was wonderful to see our efforts, and the efforts of so many other concerned citizens pay off so dramatically. Since joining the UFPC I have been able to see first hand what "faith in action" really means, and I am very proud to be a member of the UFPC and the UUA.