Wednesday, May 23, 2007

UU's in the Military Workshop at General Assembly 2007

If you are going, or considering going to the UUA General Assembly in Portland Oregon from June 20th to the 24th, please join us at the following workshop entitled "Military and UUism: Respecting Inherent Worth?"

Workshop time: Saturday 10:45 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Workshop title: #4023 Military and UUism: Respecting Inherent Worth?

Sponsored by: UUA Staff

Description: Congregations struggle to understand how to support military members and their families. Often times, our attitudes and/or behaviors inadvertently say to them, "You are not welcome." Why so? What can we do differently? We explore this reality, recent survey data on UU attitudes and real-lived experiences of UU military families.

Workshop leaders: Rev. Cynthia Kane, Dr. Vince Patton, Rev. Lisa Presley, and Rev. Beth Miller

For more information on General Assembly, Please visit the following link

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Marilyn said...

Since I won't be at GA, let me express my hopes & beliefs about our armed forces here. I want the armed forces of the USA to be simply the best in the world and I wish we never had to use them. Since this is unrealistic, I believe we must maintain creative interaction and civilian oversight with them as befits a democratic society. Each of our armed forces has a high standard of conduct and this is the natural springboard for civilian critique. Need I say we should be supportive? They are our children, spouses, relatives, and friends. Of course we should honor them.