Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hello Everyone!

I have received our first official submission in our process of developing and then selecting a logo for the UU Military Affiliate Organization that we are working to found.

This entry comes from Erik David Carlson, one of the founding members of the Church of the Younger Fellowship, and . Erik is also in my class at Meadville Lombard, and will make an incredible minister some day...

Now, these entries are concept drawings... even when we choose one, we are going to want to have a professional graphics artist to create the final version... Luckily, one has offered her services! Thank you Cynthia!

But, when she asked me what I thought such a logo could look like, I simply had no clue. So, I put out the call for logo designs, and thanks to Erik David we have our first entry! As we get more, I will post them here!

Yours in Faith,

David Pyle
Galveston Island, TX

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Jamie Goodwin said...

wow very cool, i have no talent for such things but am really excited to see what else comes in!