Monday, November 07, 2005

Logo Contest for a UU Military organization.

Hello all!

Well, there are good things afoot! As many of you know, from our experience at the 2005 General Assembly, a determination was made that the UUA needed an affiliate organization (and perhaps eventually an official UUA Office) to support and minister to UU Military Members, Veterans, Families, and DoD employees.

There is some work and coordination being done on this, but I wanted to put out a call. Every UU Organization needs a logo. In fact, the flaming Chalice that is so loved in our denomination began as the logo for the Unitarian Service Committee. It became famous as it was stamped on the side of relief supplies sent out by the USC, and then the UUSC.

But, as everything in our faith, the process to decide upon such a logo should be democratic. First however, we need some submittals. The logo should be based upon the chalice, but should also encorporate the Defense and Military of our nation.

I do ask one favor. If you take on this challenge, please do so in love. Most of us UU's who have been or are currently associated with the Military have experienced prejudice within our own denomination. This is partially our fault, because we have failed to educate some of our fellow UU's on what it means to be a Military UU. Our formation of an Affiliate organization within the UUA is a first step in not only helping our fellow UU's to understand those of us who also serve in the military, but also to be an organized voice for liberal faith within our military, something that is desperately needed.

Now, to kick this off, I will show you all the logo that was used on the program of the "UU's in the Military" Program at General Assembly this year.

Click on the below link to see it!

So, get creative! If your logo is selected, I will personally buy you a coffee cup with the logo you designed on it!

Please send any submissions to me at .

Yours in Faith,
David Pyle
UU Fellowship of Galveston County


Greg said...

David, your link to the logo did not work for me. The logo (and brochure - both created by my wife) can also be viewed here.

Greg said...

Another idea - how about deciding on our name democratically too?

lynn kelly said...


I'm a student at Starr King, studying with a retired army officer. I really like this idea. I noticed that the previously used logo used all US military this group for ALL uu's or just those in the United States?

just curious.

David Pyle said...


I'm all for doing the name democratically to... but in both cases, we need to have something for people to vote on first, and then a core of people who can vote, and a way to record those votes...

So, the choice is a bit far away, but first we need to collect options to choose from!

Yours in Faith,