Monday, November 14, 2005

This next submission in the UU Military Affiliate Organization logo contest that I am sponsoring is coming to us from David Concepcion.

This is exactly why I am glad I put out the call. I would never have thought of turning dogtags into a chalice! How cool is that?

One thing that came to mind in doing this is that, having multiple submissions is a great thing, because just having the logo will not be enough. We will need other graphics as well, for websites and brochures. I am fairly certain that all of these will be used, when I think about it!

Yours in Faith,



Jamie Goodwin said...

These logo's rock! Very Creative.
Keep them coming!

Kritoke said...

Not to sound like a naysayer, I thought at first that was someone's butt on dogtags. I think if we took the concept and made it more visible that it was a circle around the chalice and tags, it wouldn't be more apparent what it is.