Monday, November 21, 2005

New Submission in Logo Contest

Hello all,

I have received a new submission in the logo contest... This one is actually not in graphic design, but it words....

I put it forth for your perusal!

Basically it'd be a chalice on the left, bottom, with the flame being like an american flag, not the colors only but the top left being blue with white stars and the res being alternating red and white, but still in the shape of a flame, not rectangular, more like the flame is reflecting an american flag. Then an arc of pink hearts would come up to the right from the flame and at the top of the arc would be a camoflage colored dove. So that it would look like the dove flew out of the chalice and it leaves a line of hearts that represent love behind it as it flies. The dove of course represents freedom, the chalice: UU, and the hearts: love.

This came to us from Gretchen McCready. I like the idea of the flame being the flag!

Yours in Faith,


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The Emerson Avenger said...

I'm not so sure that the flag being the flame is such a good idea. . .